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we can help with our 16+ years of solar experience!







Knowing how to close anyone, anywhere is a skill that can help you reach heights you never thought possible. Once you master that skill it empowers you to start living your dreams and be wherever you want to be while closing someone in entirely different states.

Don't know what is the next thing to do or want to become a better salesperson? Take our solar training to set yourself up for sucess!

Frustrated with not being able to follow up or communicate with your customers effectively? Annoyed with not having all your sutomers in one place? Use our PRO CRM with advanced automations to have the computer communicate automatically for you!

There has never been a better time to take action for change in your business, for your customers, and for all that you serve to multiply your income and impact. Now is the time to make your move and pivot into massive growth in just a few days.

Terri has been in the solar industry for almost 16 years and has been teaching sales consultants and Home Improvement companies how to easily sell and add solar services to their businesses without spending a dime on solar panels or inventory. Using this approach allows small, medium and large businesses to begin offering complete solar solutions to their existing and new book of clientele.

Terri believes that everybody should live their best life, every day.  You should feel like you can accomplish your dreams. By attending this event, you are taking the first step in making your dreams happen.


In this event, you will learn how to set yourself up for success and how you can map out an idea of how to make a positive impact in your life and the lives of others. 


Understand what goes into a virtual sale and how you can effectively close them. Using the 16+ years of solar experience Terri has, she dives deep into how to get that customer from interested to asking you for the documents. Get your questions answered and find out how you are able to set yourself up for success. This class will give you all the information you will need to close appointments from your home, the beach, or even just a coffee shop. All you would need is this class and an internet connection. 


Online Tutorial

Getting into solar could be a long process that costs a bunch of money and time. That is why Project Solar Energy has created this course so you don't have to spend all your money, time, and energy trying to figure out how to launch your solar business. At Project Solar Energy, we have over 16 years of solar experience and have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what actually works and what does not. We want you to live the life that you want, and to do that you can utilize our time and effort to propel yourself forward without spending thousands on trucks, inventory, or without having to climb on a single roof.


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Increase your sales using marketing funnels, follow-up, and automated lead contact
With our pro-level platform, automate all of your marketing initiatives. You'll have everything under one roof so that nothing slips through the cracks, from developing targeted sales content on demand to set-and-forget automating email and social media campaigns.


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With this challenge, you’ll learn how to retarget your current book of business and use it to make it to the top with ease. Terri will teach you how to make your way towards having leads pouring in and sales skyrocketing, all while growing your business into the empire you want it to be. Mark your calendar, Terri’s first 30-Day 3x Your Business Challenge webinar is soon! You absolutely don’t want to miss it, this may be your only chance to hear the vital information Terri wants to share with you. If you want to build your business up even more, generate more leads, and make even more sales…you won’t want to miss it!


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With nearly 16 years in the solar industry and over 20 years in home improvement sales, Terri has consistently been one of the top sales consultants in the United States selling home improvement products. On top of out-performing most of the competition, she somehow found time to write two books, develop a training program on how to sell solar, and has made it her mission to empower others to live the life they want to on their terms. At the center of all her accomplishments and what drives her every day is her  “Why” which is her precious family that she loves and adores, her passion to help others achieve their dreams, and the desire to help others establish themselves as an authority in the solar industry. 


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Don't wait on starting the life that you want to live. Every day, there are people who pass up on their dreams and what they want to do because they think they can't. Don't be one of those people who won't take action. 

Terri believes that everybody should live their best life, every day. 
You should feel like you can accomplish your dreams. By attending this event, you are taking the first step in making your dreams happen. 
In this event, you will learn how to set yourself up for success and how you can map out an idea of how to make a positive impact in your life and the lives of others. 


UNLIMITED INCOME POTENTIAL - With Terri, you gain the ability to not only earn money by helping people with switching over to solar, but you also are able to get money from signing up others to sell with you. You get paid to build your team, the more people on your team the more you get paid!

BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR CUSTOMERS - By taking advantage of the PRO CRM offerings that Terri has to offer, you can take control of your customers in ways you haven't even thought of before. Set and forget automations and powerful emails that are pre-written make the PRO CRM a must-have for those wanting that advantage.

AHEAD OF THE CURVE - Because of how fast the solar industry evolves, Terri is always finding new ways to make sure you are empowered with the latest way to sell your hard-earned customers. Due to this, Terri is constantly evolving the tools and trainings that she offers.

WORK ANYWHERE - Due to circumstances out of our control, most people have been laid off because they are unable to go to work but in the solar industry, that will not happen because the teams you work with have figured out a way to teach, recruit, and sell, all remotely so you can still get paid anywhere you are.

WORK ANYTIME - Terri believes in making you your own boss and making your own hours. Working with Terri not only lets you work anywhere but lets you make your own hours rather than being forced into another 9 - 5 that you aren't passionate about. 

BECOME AN EARLY ADOPTER - Solar is something that is a household topic now, but still, only about 2 - 5% of the entire United States is actually utilizing solar as a business option. Working with Terri makes you an early adopter which gives you an unfair advantage over others.

BE YOUR OWN BOSS - Working with Terri, you are able to be your own boss by being a 1099 independent contractor meaning that you don't have to work any hours outside of the ones that you want to. Being in solar makes this option a no-brainer by working when you want, where you want. 


 We believe in you! There are many solar providers in the market, but none of them even compare to what we have to offer and the perks that come with signing up. On top of all of the amazing things that we offer, we are also available in the 17 states as shown below and expanding nearly monthly.

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